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professional tools in measuring instrument
Published: 2011-4-5   

700101 Drill jigs 钻夹具
700102 Micrometer heads 测微计顶点
700103 Flat gauges 平板仪
700104 Height micrometers 高度测微计
700105 Conical gauges 锥度规
700106 Linear and angular measurements, general 线性角度测量,普通类
700107 Thread gauges 螺纹规
700108 Cylindrical limit gauges 圆柱极限量规
700109 Gauges for internal and external involute splines 内、外渐开线花键量规
700110 Gauges, gauge blocks and standards 标尺、量块和度量标准
700111 Straight edges 直尺规
700112 Rules and graduated gauges 直尺和刻度尺
700113 Multi-position measuring devices 多点测量仪
700114 Barrel gauges, pin gauges, thread-wire gauges 桶规、栓规、螺纹规
700115 Measuring magnifying glasses 测量放大镜
700116 Measuring slabs of cast metal and hard minerals 铸造金属和硬矿物制成的测量板
700117 Tracers, precision dial gauges 示踪器,精密度盘指示器
700118 Pedestals and tripods for tracers, precision dial gauges 示踪器及精密度盘指示器的基座和三脚架
700119 Measuring tools 测量工具
700120 Surface specimens 表层样本
700121 Gauge blocks 量块
700122 Test cylinders, angle plates and parallel blocks 样管、角板、平行台
700123 Reference and setting gauges 参照及定位规
700124 Spirit levels 水平仪
700125 Slide gauges 游标卡尺
700126 Screw gauges (measuring screws, micrometers) 螺纹规( 测微螺丝,测微仪)
700127 Special purpose gauges 专用量规
700128 Set squares 三角板
700129 Protractors and sine bars 量角器和正弦规
7002 Measuring instruments 测量仪
700201 Thickness meters, non-contact 非接触式厚度计
700202 Acoustic microscopes 声学显微镜
700203 Dial external micrometers 外表盘测微仪
700204 Recording thread gauges 记录用螺纹规
700205 Dial internal micrometers 内表盘测微仪
700206 Non-contact displacement measuring systems 非接触式位移测量系统
700207 Equipment for data detection and calculation 数据探测和计算设备
700208 Thickness meters 厚度计
700209 Digital measuring and indicator devices 数位测量指示仪
700210 Digital measuring cameras 数位测量相机
700211 Rotating tables 旋转式工作台
700212 Diameter measuring systems 直径测量系统
700213 Flatness profilometer 表面平整光度仪
700214 Distance meters 测距仪
700215 Colour quality control 色质控制
700216 Colorimeters 色度计
700217 Match prediction systems 赛事预报系统
700218 Chamfer length measurements 斜面长度测量
700219 Spring balances 弹簧称
700220 Precision measuring instruments 精度测量器
700221 Hygrometers 湿度计
700222 Geometric measuring instruments (roundness andlinearity)几何测量仪(圆度和线性度)
700223 Dial test indicators 度盘式指示器
700224 Gas-test units 燃气测试装置
700225 Geometric measuring, touchless 非接触式几何测量
700226 Straightness measuring devices 直度测量仪
700227 Odor tester 气味检测器
700228 Glossmeters 表面反射性测量器
700229 Altimeters 高度计
700230 Internal measuring instruments 内径测量仪器
700231 Calibrators 口径测量器
700232 Measure-device for edge-distance 边距测量器
700233 Components for multipoint measuring systems andequipment多点式测量系统和设备配件
700234 Coordinate measuring and multi coordinate measuringdevices坐标测量和复式坐标测量仪
700235 Length measurement, non contact 非接触式长度测量
700236 Light-meters 曝光表
700237 Multi-position measuring devices 多点式测量仪
700238 Measuring instruments, general 测量仪,普通类
700239 Measuring instruments, electronical 测量仪,电子类
700240 Measuring instruments, mechanical 测量仪,机械类
700241 Measuring instruments, optical 测量仪,光学类
700242 Measuring instruments, pneumatical 测量仪,气动类
700243 Measuring instruments for the welding technic 测量仪,焊机类
700244 Gauges for testing the accuracy of measuring equipment 测量设备精度测试仪
700245 Gear and linkage systems 传动联接系统
700246 Measuring microscopes 测量式显微镜
700247 Instruments stands and mounts 机械支架和装配部件
700248 Measuring tables 量码台
700249 Dial gauges, precision tracers 度盘式指示器
700250 Inclinometer 倾角计
700251 Surface inspection instruments 表层检测仪
700252 Profile projectors 轮廓投影仪
700253 Testing equipment and instruments for electrical safety andfunction checkings用于电路安全以及功能检测的测试设备和仪器
700254 Roughness profilometer 表面光度仪
700255 Squareness measuring devices 方度测量仪
700256 Rheological measurement equipments 流变测量设备
700257 Abrasion gauges 磨损度测量仪
700258 Mechanical Tool Force Gauge 机械工具测力计
700259 Spectrophotometer 分光光度计
700260 Pyrometer 高温计
700261 Temperature measuring device, noncontact 非接触式温度测量仪
700262 Thermometers 温度计
700263 Depth gauges 深度计
700264 Manometers 压力机
700265 Supervision devices for welding roboter and automaticwelding自动化焊接监测设备
700266 Scales in general 普通类天平
700267 Rolling bearing measuring instruments 转动式轴承测量仪
700268 Rolling bearing inspection instruments 转动式轴承检测仪
700269 Counting scales and -systems 计算盘及系统
700270 Centering microscopes 中心定位显微镜
700271 Centering projectors 中心定位投影仪
7003 Measuring machines 测量机
700301 Probing accessories 3D, probe pins, probe heads, 三维探测配件、探针、探头、参考球、
reference spheres, threaded inserts
700302 Reference standards for the acceptance and the control of
coordinate measuring machines用于验收和控制的坐标测量机参考标准
700303 Numerical control for coordinate measuring machines 坐标测量机的数控
700304 Three-dimensional measuring machines 三维测量机与
700305 Flexible measuring machines 柔性测量机
700306 Coordinate inspection machines 坐标检测机
700307 Measuring stands for ball screw drives 滚珠丝杠驱动单元的测量支架
700308 Multipoint measuring machines 多点式测量机
700309 Measuring machines, general 测量机,普通类
700310 Measuring machines, electronical 测量机,电子类
700311 Measuring machines for micromeasurements 测量机,精密测量
700312 Measuring machines for roundness and linearitymeasurement测量机,圆度和线性度
700313 Measuring machines for toothed gear wheel measurement 测量机,齿轮(传动)测量
700314 Measuring machines, mechanical 测量机,机械类
700315 Measuring machines, optical 测量机,光学类
700316 Measuring machines, pneumatical 测量机,气动类
700317 Measuring robots 测量机器人
700318 Measuring device construction 测量装置构造
700319 Cam shaft testing instruments 凸轮杆测试仪
700320 Optical, 3-dimensional, non-contact measuring machines 光学三维非接触式测量机
700321 Production measuring machines 生产测量机
700322 Programming systems for CNC machines 数控机械编程系统
700323 Calculate systems for coordinate measuring machines 坐标测量机计算系统
700324 Simulation and off-line-programming of coordinatemeasurement machines坐标测量机模拟及离线编程
700325 Shaft measuring machines 轴测机
7004 Special purpose measuring devices 专用测量仪
700401 Marking, measuring and touching-up plates 标记、测量及更正板
700402 Layout machines 测绘缩放仪
700403 Curvature-convexity measurement instruments 凸面曲率测量仪
700404 Electric motor tests 电机测试
700405 Electronic sice-control device 电子调试控制仪
700406 Spring testing machines 弹力测试器
700407 Linearity testing machines 线性测试器
700408 Production control devices 生产控制设备
700409 Devices for continuous machine monitoring and position 用于连续设备监控和位置显示的设备display
700410 Pulse and code graduations 脉冲和编码刻度
700411 Interferometers 干涉计
700412 Measuring instruments made out of ceramic 陶瓷制测量设备
700413 Laboratory presses 实验室碾压
700414 Linear and circular graduations 线性和环形刻度
700415 Laser tool fracture monitoring 激光工具断裂监测
700416 Measuring slide glides (air-cushioned) 气垫式滑动测量仪
700417 Magnifying rules with 1/10 mm divisions 刻度为1/10 mm的放大标尺
700418 Integrated measuring equipments 集成化测量设备
700419 Control equipment for processing and transfer machines 加工和传递机器的控制设备
700420 General-purpose microscopes 普通类显微镜
700421 NC position sensors 数控位置检测器
700422 Positioning controls 定位控制
700423 Test installations for endurance test run 测试安装(耐久性测试)
700424 Test installations for quality control 测试安装(质量控制)
700425 Test installations for quality assurance 测试安装(质量保证)
700426 Test installations for performance and functional testing ofsmall-power motors测试安装(小功率电机性能及功能测试)
700427 Test installations for motor car accessories 测试安装(机车配件)
700428 Test installations for noise evaluation 测试安装(噪音评估)
700429 Measured data recording of test installations 测试安装的测量数据记录
700430 Planning, design and construction of test installations 测试安装的规划、设计和施工
700431 Test equipment for laboratory and manufacturing 用于实验室及加工制造的测试设备
700432 Test benches for manufacturing lines 用于生产线的测试台
700433 Test benches with automatic operation 自动化操作的测试台
700434 Test systems with data recording 有数据记录功能的测试系统
700435 Pipe dimension test device 管材尺度测量仪
700436 Roundness gauges 圆度规
700437 Air-beared roundtable 气压式圆桌台
700438 Oscillation measuring instruments and analysers 震动测量仪和分析仪
700439 Scales 比例尺
700440 Special purpose measuring devices, general 专用测量仪,普通类
700441 Other testing instruments, general 其他测量设备
700442 Gap- and Flush sensor 间距和齐平传感器
700443 Stereo magnifying glasses 立体放大镜
Control equipment for machine tools
700445 Graduated plates 刻度板
700446 Testing systems for component characterisation 组件特征测试
700447 Testing systems for component development 元件开发测试系统
700448 Testing systems for quality assurance 质保测试系统
700449 Equipment for measuring vibration and noise 震动和噪音测试设备
700450 Tool presetter 工具预校正器
700451 Gear testing instruments 传动装置测试仪
7005 Components for measuring and testing equipment 测量机测试设备零部件
700501 Components for measuring and testing equipment, general 测量机测试设备零部件,普通类
700502 Lighting systems 照明系统
700503 Coded linear and angular measuring systems 线测及角测编码测试系统
700504 Digital readout systems for machine tools 工作母机的数位读出器系统
700505 Built-in and attachable optics 内置和外挂式的光学元件
700506 Automation elements for measuring and control
700507 Isolated foundations 防震地基
700508 Incremental rotation coders 步进式旋转编码器
700509 Incremental linear measuring systems (coders) 步进式线性测量系统(编码器)
700510 Linear bearings 线性轴承
700511 Fibre optic systems 光纤系统
700512 Air-Spring Insulators with level controller 带有电平控制器的气垫绝缘体
700513 Accessories for measuring machines 测量机配件
700514 Proximity switches 距离转换开关
700515 Optical components (lenses, prisms etc.) 光学部件(镜头、棱镜等)
700516 Other optical systems 其它光学系统
700517 Vibration isolator 防震器
7006 Material testing 材料测试
700601 Machines for testing bending resistance 抗弯测试器
700602 CNC-machines for the production of specimen 用于样品生产的电脑数控机
700603 Strain measurement 应变测量
700604 Machines for testing pressure resistance 抗压测试机
700605 Machine for testing elasticity 弹性测试机
700606 Electron microscopes 电子显微镜
700607 Ferrite content meters 铁素成分测量计
700608 Strength and stability testing machines 强度及稳定测试机
700609 Mould testing devices 模具测试仪
700610 Cutting equipment for moulded parts 模型配件切割设备
700611 Instruments for checking structure of steels and metals 钢结构和金属结构测试仪
700612 Hardness testing instruments 硬度测试仪
700613 Hardness testing machines, automatic 自动化硬度测试机
700614 Hardness testing instruments, portable 便携式硬度测试机
700615 Impact-test 冲击试验
700616 Particle size analysers 颗粒尺寸分析
700617 Conductivity testers 传导性测试装置
700618 Illuminated magnifying glasses 照明放大镜
700619 Metal microscopes 金属显微镜
700620 Metallographic instruments 金相测量仪
700621 Pendulum impact testers 锤摆冲击测试装置
700622 Porosity testers 孔隙检测器
700623 Specimen preparation systems 试样制备系统
700624 Surface inspection devices 表层检测仪
700625 Stereo microscopes 立体显微镜
700626 Machines for testing deep drawing quality 深冲压质量检测机
700627 Universal testing machines 通用测试机
700628 Material testing equipment and machines, general 材料测试设备和机器,普通类
700629 Accessories and test materials 配件和测试材料
700630 Machines for testing tensile strength 拉伸强度测试机
7007 Apparatus for non-destructive testing 无损检测仪
700701 Computed Tomography systems X射线断层电子成像系统
700702 Leak-detectors 检漏器
700703 Residual stress measurement instruments 残余应力测量仪
700704 Gamma radiography instruments γ射线成像仪
700705 Apparatus for non-destructive testing 无损检测仪
700706 Laser measuring systems 激光测量系统
700707 Magnetic field measurements 磁场测量
700708 Hall effect thickness gage 内液增阻浓度测试仪
700709 Magnetic crack checking instruments 磁性裂缝检测仪
700710 Test-liquid for non-destructive testing by dye-penetrate
700711 Test-liquid for non-destructive testing by
700712 Crack depth measurement instruments 裂缝深度测试仪
700713 X-ray diffractometers X光衍射计
700714 X-ray films X光薄膜
700715 X-ray metrology systems X光度量衡系统
700716 X-ray equipments X光设备
700717 Acoustic emission analysis systems 声发射分析系统
700718 Instruments for measuring thickness of coating 涂层厚度测量仪
700719 Ultrasonic equipment 超声波设备
700720 Ultrasonic probes 超声波探测器
700721 Video microscopes 动态影像显微镜
700722 Eddy current testing of material mix 混合材料涡流探伤
700723 Eddy current testing for dimension control 尺寸控制涡流探伤
700724 Eddy current testing of hardness 硬度涡流探伤
700725 Eddy current testing of case depth 硬化层涡流探伤
700726 Eddy current instruments for crack detection 裂纹检测涡流探伤
7008 Analytical apparatus 分析仪
700801 Analytical apparatus, general 分析仪,普通类
700802 Balancing instruments and equipment 平衡调节设备
700803 Energy dispersive spectrometer 能量扩散风分光计
700804 Moisture sorption measurements 湿度吸附测量
700805 Gas chromatography 气相色谱分析
700806 Gravimetric analysis 重量分析
700807 Instruments and apparatus for testing and analysing
solidsubstances 固体无测试及分析装置
700808 Climatic Test Chambers 稳定性试验
700809 Laboratory data network 试验室数据网络
700810 Apparatus for measuring and testing hydraulic and thermic
700811 Spectrometer 分光计
700812 Air Pollution measuring Instruments 空气污染测试仪
700813 Temperature-test-chambers 温度测试箱
700814 Other devices for specific testing and analytical procedures 其它用于某一具体测试及分析过程的仪器
700815 Wavelength dispersive spectrometer 波长分光计
7009 Resistance testing instruments 电阻测试仪
700901 Resistance testing instruments, general 电阻测试仪,普通类
700902 Weathering test units 风化测试装置
700903 Fatigue strength testing machines 疲劳强度测试机
Testing instruments for static and dynamic fatigue
strengths 静态及动态疲劳强度测试仪
700905 Dynamic testing machines 动态测试机
700906 Testing instruments for corrosion 腐蚀测试仪
7010 Microsystem Technology 微系统技术
701001 Training and vocational education in Microsystems 有关微系统技术以及超高精密制造的职业教育和培训
technology and ultra-precision manufacturing
701002 Consulting 咨询
701003 Engineering, R&D, product and materials design 工程、研发、产品及材料设计
701004 Development tools, simulation and test systems 开发工具、模拟及测试系统
701005 Function testers and final inspection equipment 功能检测器及终检设备
701006 Identification and encoding 辨识及编码
701007 Components for Microsystems technology 微系统技术配件
701008 Conservation 守恒
701009 Inspection and measuring equipment for the individual
manufacturing steps
701010 Materials, raw materials and semifinished parts 材料、原材料、半成品部件
701011 Measuring and testing technology for Microsystems
701012 Micro-optics and optical engineering 微光学和光学工程
701013 Microsystems technology applications 微系统技术应用
701014 Precision machining, spark erosion, laser and ultrasonic 精密加工、电火花腐蚀、激光和超声波
701015 Prototyping, fabrication of samples 产品原型,样本加工
701016 Process monitoring for small and micro parts production 精细部件加工的过程监控
701017 Ultraprecision processing 超高精密加工
701018 Suppliers of microsystem assemblies and complete
701019 Suppliers of precision parts 精密部件供应商
Apparatus for determination of other physical
quantities 其它类别物理量的测定仪器
701101 Torque measurement systems 力矩测量系统
701102 Torque tools 转矩工具
701103 Rpm counters 每分钟转数计数器
701104 Flow and level control instruments 流体及位面控制仪
701105 Electrostatics 静电学
701106 Precision balances 精密天平
701107 Gaussmeter 高斯计
701108 Gas measuring transmitter 气测传送器
701109 Apparatus for determination of other physical quantities,
701110 Force metering instruments, electrical 测力仪,电气类
701111 Force metering instruments, mechanical 测力仪,机械类
701112 Power test stands for machines 机器功率测试支架
701113 Calibration equipment for transducer’s 传感器校准设备
701114 Precision calibrators for pressure 压力精密测量器
701115 Precision calibrators for temperature 温度精密测量器
701116 Laboratory and other balances and precision weighting
701117 Loggers and recording apparatus 数据记录器材
701118 Simulators for current, voltage and thermal size 电流、电压和散热面积模拟器
701119 Temperature measuring equipment 温度测量设备
701120 Thermometers 温度计
701121 Thermographic systems 热录像仪系统
701122 Thermostats 温控装置
701123 Heat flow meters 热流计
701124 Thermal conductivity meters 导热度量仪
701125 Counters and counting devices 计数器材和设备
701126 Time and velocity measuring apparatus 时间及速率测量仪
7012 Other apparatus 其它仪器
701201 Equipment for measuring laboratories 实验室测量设备
701202 Illumination systems for visual quality control 视觉质量控制照明系统
701203 Data loggers 数据记录器
701204 Pressure gauges and meters 压力计和仪表
701205 Products for electronic imaging 电子图像产品
701206 Demagnetizing devices 消磁器材
701207 Alignment and sighting telescopes and autocollimators 瞄准镜和标尺望远镜
701208 Products for photographic documentation 文件成像产品
701209 Apparatus for calibration, checking of tolerance, etc. 校准、公差检测仪器
701210 Holograph systems 全息图系统
701211 Laser devices and systems 激光装置和系统
701212 Magnetising equipment 磁化设备
701213 Marking systems 标记系统
701214 Measuring instruments for shipping and aeronautics 航海、航空测量仪器
701215 Tooling protection fluids 装置保护液
701216 Meteorological measuring instruments 气象测量仪器
701217 Optical benches 光具座
701218 PC measuring technology PC测量技术
701219 Test bench measuring technology 测试台测量技术
701220 Scanning electron microscope 电子显微镜扫描
701221 Refractometers 折射计
701222 Nut runner Control (Torque, Angle, Pulse) 螺母滑动控制(扭矩、角度、脉冲)
701223 Sensors for acoustic analysis, process monitoring, 声学分析、过程监控、共振分析、安装监控
resonance analysis and assembly monitoring
701224 Other apparatus, general 其它仪器,普通类
701225 Clamping and Loading System 箝位及装载系统
701226 Grips and fixtures for tension machines 拉伸机的夹具固定装置
701227 Punching tongs for labels 标签冲孔钳
701228 Special scientific instruments and apparatus 专用科学仪表和器材
701229 Telemetry-Systems 遥感勘测系统
701230 Monitoring systems for gear boxes 齿轮箱的监测系统
701231 Wavelength measuring instruments 波长测量仪
701232 Workpiece control and measuring equipment 工件加工控制与测量设备
701233 Tool monitoring systems 工具监控系统
7013 Software for computer aided quality assurance 计算机辅助质保软件
701301 APQP/PPAP management software APQP(质量先期策划)/PPAP(生产件批准程序)管理软件
701302 Audit-Software 审计软件
701303 Software for evaluation and analysis 评估及分析软件
701304 Automatic quality provisions 自动机械质量装置
701305 CAQ, Computer Aided Quality Control CAQ,计算机辅助质量控制
701306 CRM systems CRM(客户关系管理)系统
701307 Data compression and data archiving 数据压缩与存档
701308 EDM/PDM, Engineering/ Product Data Management EDM/PDM,工程及产品数据管理
701309 Initial sample report 初期采样报告
701310 FMEA systems FMEA系统
701311 Software for maintenance 维护软件
701312 Supplier evaluation 供应商评估
701313 Productivity control for fabrication of series 系列产品加工效率控制
701314 Software supported data acquisition and control 软件辅助支持的数据采集和控制
701315 Analysis of Uncertainty of Measurement in accordance
with GUM
701316 Mobile data entry 移动式数据录入
701317 Modular quality information systems 模块质量信息系统
701318 Programme systems for planing and documentation
formeasuring fixtures
701319 Process visualization and machine monitoring 过程可视化和机器设备监控
701320 Measurement system capability 测量系统的效能
701321 Measuring equipment testing and equipment
701322 Test planing, test realisation and test data evaluation 测试计划、实施测试和测试数据评估
701323 QFD-Systeme, Quality Function Deployment QFD系统,质量功能展开
701324 Quality documentation management 质量资料管理
701325 Quality management (QM) 质量管理(QM)
701326 Computer aided quality assurance, general 计算机辅助质保,普通类
701327 Reclamation and error management systems 矫正和错误管理系统
701328 Traceability 可追溯性
701329 Graphical editing of measuring device data 测量仪器数据的图像编辑
701330 SPC-systems SPC系统,程控系统
701331 Statistical analysis 统计分析
701332 Design of experiment 实验设计
701333 Control systems for incoming and outgoing goods 流入、流出产品控制系统
7014 Image analysis and image processing systems 图像分析和处理系统
701401 Lighting systems for image processing 图像处理照明系统
701402 Image transmission systems, fibre optics 图像传输系统,光纤
701403 Image processing systems for quick surface and
701404 CCD-cameras
701405 Electronic slow motion camera system 慢动作电子成像系统
701406 Endoscopes 内诊镜
701407 Microscopes with digital picture processing 数位图像处理显微镜
701408 Optical control systems 光学控制系统
701409 Optical measuring probes 光学测量探头
701410 Opto-electronic image analyses and processing systems 光电图像分析及处理系统
701411 Image analysis and image processing systems, general 图像分析及处理系统,普通类
701412 TV-microscope system 电视显微镜系统
701413 TV micro-probes 电视微探针
701414 Vision-systems 视觉系统
701415 Visual geometry measurement 几何目测
7015 Opto-electronic systems 光电子系统
701501 Electrical and optical readers 光电读卡器
701502 Flexible opto-electronic testing-feeding-sorting systems 柔性光电测试、输送和分拣系统
701503 Opto-electronics and radiation 光电子及放射
701504 Opto electronic coordinate measuring instruments 光电子坐标测量仪
701505 Opto-electronic systems, general 光电系统,普通类
7016 Organisations/publishers and services 组织机构/出版人和服务
701601 Works with the scriber 使用划线器
701602 Automatic testing and fault diagnostics for electronics 电器自动检测及故障诊断
701603 Archiving of images 图像存档
701604 Chemical-Physical-Analysis 化学制品物理分析
701605 Computed Tomography X线断层计算机成像
701606 Leak test 检漏测试
701607 Calibration (German Calibration Service - DKD) 校准(德国校准测试服务-DKD)
701608 Data protection 数据保护
701609 Electromagnetic compatibility 电磁适应性
701610 Periodicals 杂志期刊
701611 Test-service for precision and measuring means 精密测量测试服务
701612 CAE-Aided Computer Engineering CAE-计算机辅助工程
701613 Helium leak detection


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